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Hog Roast Menu Surrey

How much does a hog roast cost in Surrey? Find your answers here:

Hog Roast

This includes a fully cooked succulent 60-70kg pig served with rolls and apple sauce. This can cater from 50 to 150 guests. Staff included will be one of our qualified chefs and one waitress. Equipment, one large gazebo and serving tables with white table clothes. Starting from £650 (up to 100 guests)

Saddle of Pork, Homemade Sausages, 8oz Burgers and BBQ Chicken

This small meet feast is for parties with up to 100 guests, This menu is fantastic alternative to a full hog roast. Saddle of pork as above plus homemade pork sausages, homemade 8 oz burgers, BBQ chicken. This ideal for summer and winter parties, especially with children. This menu comes with salad buns and plates. Price £1,450

Hog Roast and Chicken Feast

Hog Roast and BBQ Chicken drum sticks for guests up to 130 . The chicken is marinated with BBQ and Chinese flavour dressing or a hot dressing the choice is yours. The hog Roast is served with bread rolls fried new potatoes salad paper plates and knives and forks. Price £1,395

Mixed Spit Roast

This consists of 3 different types of meat. 1. Lamb marinated in rosemary and garlic. 2. Beef marinated in red wine and mixed herbs. 3. Pork with crackling and apple sauce. It also includes roast potatoes cooked in the meat juices and mixed herbs. And last but not least green salad and fresh tiger bread. Will serve 40-50 people. Price £850

Spit Roast Lamb

Our Lamb Roasts are ideal for smaller parties and events where there are up to 40 guests. The lamb is cooked on a regular spit roast, rotisserie style, and served in large rolls with mint sauce. It also comes with either roast or fried new potatoes in garlic and green salad. Price £900


You can make your own event menu so please let us know and we'll supply a price dependant on your requirements. Price £POA

Christmas Spit Roast

Roast turkey cooked rotisserie style chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon with roast potatoes cooked in turkey fat; roasted vegetables; stuffing and gravy. This can feed up to 50 people. Price £800

Jacket Potatoes

In addition to any of our food packages. Jacket potatoes cooked in our large mobile ovens. Our jacket potato package comes in a 40 potato minimum order. Starting from £150

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